Can't add "forcePrefetchRatio" to Prefetch from @layer0/react

At this moment, I see the only way I can add forcePrefetchRatio is through install from @layer0/prefetch/window, like:

import install from '@layer0/prefetch/window/install'

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
    forcePrefetchRatio: 1,

How can I do the same via react/nextjs Prefetch component:

import { Prefetch } from '@layer0/react';


You can pass the same config object to configure from @layer0/prefetch/window/prefetch:

import { configure } from '@layer0/prefetch/window/prefetch'

// then when your app loads...

configure({ forcePrefetchRatio: 1 })

Didn’t know about that. Thanks!