Custom domains TLS certificate

Good day! I’ve got a question regarding custom domains and TLS certificates for them.

Earlier I’ve added a custom domain to my production environment. Passed DNS checks, got TLS certificate. So far so good.

Now I’m adding one more custom domain to my production environment. Which is actually is another subdomain for the same domain. So I’ve got:

I see that layer0 generated TLS certificate for subdomain “abc”. But it doesn’t generate TLS certificate for new subdomain “def”.

Does TLS certificate is generated on some schedule? How long should I wait?
See the screenshot below for visual explanation.

Thanks in advance!

I think this is being worked by the team already, but what you can do is do a successful deploy in the environment that links to the new domain name, and then toggle off the “Automatic” check to off, and then as soon as you toggle it back, click on the “Generate TLS Certificate”. I know it’s super hacky, but only at the time of writing, rest assured team is already working on it.

Thanks @rishi-raj-jain !
Indeed, it did the trick!
One more gotcha - “Generate TLS Certificate” button is active for ~ 1 second and after that it’s disabled.
I hope the team will resolve the issue soon :slight_smile:
Meanwhile, I’m happy there is at least this hacky approach.

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