Debug Network on connected device via charles proxy


  1. Get Charles:

  2. Connect your device (iPhone) to the same wifi that the charles running machine (laptop) is on

  3. On your laptop, open Help » SSL Proxying » Install charles Root Cert on a Mobile Device …

    You should see something like this:

  4. Open the wifi settings on your iPhone and go to http proxy » Configure proxy » manual » enter the laptop’s IP address and the port as seen above where the port is the part after the : and the IP is the part before so for me, the Server IP is and port is 8889

  5. Go to on you iPhone and chose Allow. Install the cert

  6. You should start seeing the content flowing through in your charles

  7. Optional: Enable SSL proxying for the site you want if the data you’re trying to access is secured otherwise it will look garbled. In charles, find a request form the domain to enable and right click » Enable ssl proxying


@tevfik.sertel thanks for adding this.