Is there an example app that uses HTTP traffic?

Is there an example app that uses HTTP traffic?
The routing setup I have using the HTTP protocol returns a 404.

    .match({path: '/test', protocol: 'http'}, ( { proxy, request: {params}, setRequestHeader } ) => {
        console.log('test ', params);

If I use HTTPS however, it works fine.

In order to serve http (not https) requests, you need to explicitly add protocol: 'http' in your route declarations. For example,

router.get({ protocol: /http/, path: '/' })

Are you saying that router.get({ protocol: 'http', path: '/' }) works but router.match({ protocol: 'http', path: '/' }) doesn’t? If not what’s the difference from the example above?

My apologies. I’ve updated my reply. It looks like there is a bug when specifying protocol as a string. It never seems to match. But if you use a RegExp, it will match, but redirect to https, so:

router.get({ protocol: /http/, path: '/' })

You can see an example here:

I’ll report back here when the bug is fixed.

Ok, another update. All of the above examples actually work correctly. Protocol can be specified as either a string or regex. What’s happening, at least in my case, is that chrome is automatically enforcing HSTS and redirecting before connecting to the server:

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