Nuxt.js layer0 build succeeds deploy fails

When I run ‘layer0 build’ on my localhost it builds fine with no errors, but when I deploy it I get this error on the browser “TypeError: globals.Headers is not a constructor”

I checked my deployment logs and it looks like some node modules are missing, so I followed this guide in the docs Layer0 Documentation - Nuxt.js to copy over all my node packages needed in production but I’m still getting the same error.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

How do you have includeFiles defined in layer0.config.js? Are you pulling in specific modules or including everything? It sounds like the necessary module still may not be included.

Can you post your package.json and layer0.config.js?

Hi @tristan.lee, this is my layer0.config.js2021-09-29 18-43-52

This is my package.json