šŸš€ Release Layer0 v4.15.9

  #### **Layer0 Packages** - [v4.15.9](https://github.com/moovweb/xdn/releases/tag/v4.15.9) (2022-07-19)
  • APPOPS-14080: Upgrade to fixed split-testing and bump patch version nā€¦ (#1368) @leehambley
  • Shopify hydrogen connector (#1359) @tristanlee85

The split-testing fix fixes two bugs specifically around split testing from A-B, when the bucket cookie would be set again, and when the first visit on A would set the bucket cookie too late, after the destination had already been determined; this could lead to a situation where the destination and bucket cookies had nonsensical values. Both of these cases could happen in the same request leading to very tricky interactions.