Route with redirect is ignoring query strings

As example that type of route is redirecting but without query strings.
XDN v2.30.1

.match('/some-prefix/:splat*', ({ redirect }) => {
  redirect('/:splat*', 301)

you can access query string parameters via headers. they are stored in x-xdn-original-qs header

You could also use compute to construct your redirect URL based on the original request properties:

.match('/foo/:splat*', ({ redirect, compute }) => {
  compute((request) => {
    const query = request.url.split('?')[1];
    redirect(`/bar/:splat*${query ? `?${query}` : ''}`, 301)

I could not find where the above suggested header was exposed.

It’s a known issue that the query string is not preserved by redirect. We have a fix for this pending review which should be out soon.

Internal ticket has been created to track the effort on this. Updates will be posted as soon as possible
Ticket #: XDN-7901