Vue Storefront layer0 use latest yarn error

layer0 use latest

Produces the following unsuccessful output:

Updating Layer0

Current: ^3.3.0
New: latest
:heavy_multiplication_x: installing @layer0/cli, @layer0/core, @layer0/devtools, @layer0/prefetch… failed.

Error: Process exited with code 1.
yarn add v1.22.5

error Running this command will add the dependency to the workspace root rather than the workspace itself, which might not be what you want - if you really meant it, make it explicit by running this command again with the -W flag (or --ignore-workspace-root-check).

info Visit for documentation about this command.

at ChildProcess.<anonymous> (/Users/howard.ross/.config/yarn/global/node_modules/@layer0/cli/utils/run.js:31:16)
at ChildProcess.emit (events.js:315:20)

Attempting to append the recommended flags to layer0 use latest does not work

Looks like a bug in the CLI. Will be fixed in the next day or so.

This is fixed in @layer0/cli version 3.4.0