What are the benefits to PSI Score from XDN Full?

What are the benefits to Google Page Speed Insights Lighthouse Score from XDN Full?

While the speed score on Google’s PageSpeed Insights is based on the lab data analyzed by Lighthouse, the forthcoming Page Experience Update from Google will rely on Field Data from real-world user experiences for loading performance from chrome users.

You can see the Field Data and Origin Summary on PSI where it says, "Over the previous 28-day collection period, the aggregate experience of all pages served from this origin does not pass the Core Web Vitals assessment.”

So, more important than improving your lab speed score is improving the field data and origin summary.

Hosting on the XDN will deliver lower response times for not only cache hits but also cache misses and uncached pages due to our optimized serverless infrastructure.

It will also provide a significantly improved developer experience by allowing for atomic deploys of your application code and edge caching configuration. This allows you to more easily get higher cache hit rates and a better-performing site.

Finally, XDN Full provides numerous other benefits like the ability to preview every pull request and a/b testing at the edge that won’t slow down your site that delivers not only developer time savings but also cost savings over a DIY approach.