Where do I obtain my token for Core Web Vitals metrics?

According to this doc, Moovweb XDN Documentation - Core Web Vitals, I should be able to get a token from the Developer Console for my site. I have deployed my site, but don’t see anything related to Core Web Vitals or where I can obtain my token.

@tristan.lee you can currently sign up for the Core Web Vitals beta here: Real Time Core Web Vitals Analytics

If you have an existing XDN project you need to reach out to support to enable Core Web Vitals tracking. This should be fixed by next week and all projects will be able to self serve enable Core Web Vitals tracking. In the meantime you can track core web vitals by clicking “Add New Site” and selecting “Measure Core Web Vitals”. This will technically create a separate project to track core web vitals rather than tracking CWV and your other performance metrics in the same project screens (this is what will be fixed next week).