Build failed: No edge receipts received after 120s

A failed deploy included this output:

2022-02-28T16:54:55Z - info - > Waiting for deployment to reach all POP-s...
2022-02-28T16:57:11Z - info -
Build failed: No edge receipts received after 120s.

To me that suggests that deploying to POPs includes some kind of confirmation (receipt) from a POP that the deployment was successful. In this case no receipts were returned.

  • Does that sound correct?
  • What kind of issues might cause the problem? Network latency?


That is correct!

There are few edge cases that can lead to that error.

For example when you delete your site or environment and then deploy a site with the same site and environment name.

That would make the domains to collide and your deployment will fail since previous deployment (with same domain name) is still active and being deprovisioned from the edge nodes.

Workaround: Wait around 5 minutes before deploying your site with the same name again to allow the edge to clean that up first. Redeploying after the failed build should also work.

Internal Ticket to improve that: XDN-15269

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