Could we set a custom build directory instead of `.next/static`?

In my current project I have next.js project on the upstream and want to run only one next.js page on XDN and passthrough all other pages.

And for both of next.js projects we have same path for resources — .next/static
It means when we send all traffic for .next/static to XDN then pages from the upstream doesn’t work
Otherwise when we send all traffic for .next/static to the upstream, pages from XDN doesn’t work.

Does next.js on XDN support distDir?

We have a PR in code review that would add the support for distDir. I’ll update here as soon as we release the version with it.

@Andrew.Borisenko we have released v2.28.0 of @xdn packages which adds support for distDir. Let us know how that works for you!