createDevServer changes in v2.39

I have a question regarding changes in createDevServer on latest XDN. We were using it with custom router setup prior to update to 2.39.3:

  class DevJSBackend extends JSBackend {
    async doStart() {
      return new Promise<void>(resolve => {
        ).listen(this.port, resolve);


And now I can see that method signature has been changed completely and it does not allow to use custom server anymore. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.

I saw it’s used in Connectors’ dev.js file now: Moovweb XDN Documentation - Connectors

Thanks @egor.mesyats, createDevServer from @xdn/core/dev is the new version I was talking about in the first message,

We had to create custom connector in order to make things work Moovweb XDN Documentation - Connectors