Dependency files not created in simple react app using xdn init

When attempting to follow the documentation for setting up XDN on a simple react app -, I do not get the following dependency files created when running xdn init.

  • xdn.config.js
  • routes.js
  • sw/service-worker.js

Tested this against a basic project setup using create-react-app

I was able to reproduce the same result after creating a new React app. I’ll raise this with our team and reply once I have more information.

This has been logged internally as XDN-7579.

Thank you @tristan.lee.
The similar issue also exists with Vue as well (
Hope XDN-7579 will address it as well.

We released v2.35.2 that fixes this issue.

I have verified the fix, thanks!

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Verified for Vue app, working as expected.
Thank you @ierceg and @tristan.lee!

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