Edgio v7 suggestion: please add "Browser Challenge" and standard captcha option for "Rate rules" and other rules "Action type", combining with block IP for a period of time


This is a feature suggestion for Edgio v7. We have noticed that the “Browser Challenge” is only available for Bot Manager, and that Bot Manager lacks a standard captcha option(excluding reCAPTCHA v3). It would be beneficial to add both “Browser Challenge” and a standard captcha option for “Rate Rules” and other types of rules “Action type”, including for Bot Manager. Additionally, consider implementing a feature to block the IP address for a certain period of time for users not passing the test, as this would help immensely with mitigating DDoS bots.

For large services, a significant number of users often share a single IP address. Examples include many users behind certain Apple private relay IP ranges, as well as large corporations that NAT their external internet usage through one or a few shared IPs due to firewall configurations. In such cases, since multiple users are under a single IP, it would be advantageous to verify them as normal browsers and then whitelist them temporarily with a cookie, instead of blocking all the users on the same IP.

Also, currently the reCAPTCHA feature is available only for Bot Manager. However, reCAPTCHA v3, which is exclusively supported by Edgio, becomes excessively expensive after 1 million calls per month, making it impractical for large services.

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