How does Layer0 mitigate DDOS attacks?

How does Layer0 mitigate DDOS attacks?

Our distributed network is built to absorb large DDoS attacks

We can filter malicious requests before they even reach your site.

We automatically filter all non-HTTP / HTTPS traffic at our global nodes, blocking highly disruptive Layer 3 and Layer 4 attacks. We also protect against Ping floods, ICMP floods, reflection/amplification attacks, transaction floods, resource exhaustion, and UDP abuse.

Layer0’s edge nodes can act as enforcement points. Using EdgeJS, we can apply rules to protect your site from complex Layer 7 attacks. We can inspect requests, and block based on client and request criteria, like headers, cookies, request path, and client IP, or indicators like geolocation.

You can target and thwart DDoS attackers by geography or IP address using EdgeJS and any of the targeting headers described here: Layer0 Documentation - Request Headers .
An example is here How to block traffic from a specific list of IP addresses?

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