How is Moovweb XDN's prefetching different from Nuxtjs's prefetching?

I see on Introducing Smart Prefeching - NuxtJS that Nuxt.js will automagically prefetch the code-splitted pages linked with <nuxt-link> when visible in the viewport by default .

Additionally, on Nuxt Components - NuxtJS, I see that

Nuxt.js automatically includes smart prefetching. That means it detects when a link is visible, either in the viewport or when scrolling and prefetches the JavaScript for those pages so that they are ready when the user clicks the link. Nuxt.js only loads the resources when the browser isn’t busy and skips prefetching if your connection is offline or if you only have 2G connection.

So, How is Moovweb XDN’s integrated prefetching different from Nuxt’s?