How static prerendering works with "Preserve cache between deployments" feature?

In case if my enviroment have enabled feature Preserve cache between deployments does it mean that static prerendering will ONLY run after manual cache clearing all entries or prerendering STILL be running after each deployment ?

Cache preservation doesn’t affect when static prerendering runs. If cache preservation is enabled, static prerendering will only rerender the pages that have become stale or have been manually removed from the cache. The pages that are left in the cache will simply stay cached.

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Thanks for reply. You mean that prerendering mechanism just doesn’t send request to the pages that still has cache ?

I am just curious how it will work if my env has enabled “Preserve cache between deployments” feature, and I have for example 20 deployments per day, in this case prerendering will run for all pages after each deployment?

It will actually send requests for all pages, but anything that’s in the cache will just return a cache hit and not rerender.