Is there a way to rewrite a query parameter in route?

Is there a way to rewrite a query parameter in the route?
For example (pseudocode):

router.get('/route/:path*?queryParam=${value}', ({ proxy }) => {
  proxy('origin', { path: '/route/:path*?queryParam=${newValue}' });


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How is newValue derived? If it’s a constant, you should be able to just add it to the path option. If it’s computed, you can use transformRequest, but keep in mind that will send the request through the serverless cloud. So you would only want to do that if you can cache the result.

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Thanks. In my case it’s a constant, transformRequest helped here.

The final code example I got:

router.get('/route/:path*', ({ cache, proxy, removeResponseHeader }) => {
  proxy('origin', {
    path: '/route/:path*',
    transformRequest: (request) => {
      const url = new URL(`${request.url}`);
      const customValue = 'customValue';
      url.searchParams.set('queryParam', customValue);
      request.url = url.pathname +;