Migrating to BigCommerce?

What are some things to be aware of when launching BigCommerce on Layer0?

DNS set up with BigCommerce can be a bit tricky because of the options they provide.

  1. If migrating to BigCommerce from another host, you will need to point the DNS for the Apex and WWW domains at BigCommerce.

  2. BigCommerce allows a setting “Redirect WWW to no WWW” under the Store settings > Search Engine Optimization. You must set this to avoid the site varying between the www and non-www, which can cause a myriad of issues.

  3. BigCommerce will allow you to CNAME the Apex domain. Do not do this.

  4. We recommend that you use long SEO optimized URLs for your Product and Category URLs in order to be able to match URLs more easily in Layer0.

  5. Apex domains should be set up with an A record.

An example DNS entry record is available below

Domain definitions