Protected environments

Is there any way to “protect” environments from manual redeploy, promoting, removing etc?

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By default environments can only be deployed to by admins, you can change this setting on the Deployments tab:

Currently this is the only control you have over whether or not a new version of the site can be deployed to an environment.

@mark.brocato Can this checkbox protect production environment from being removed? Same question would apply to an environment which is used by production split testing, can be removed as well while this checkbox is enabled? Same thing with renaming production and connected environments — looks like this is allowed to be done anytime. Correct me if I’m wrong here. Thanks.

@arturkin To add some precisions, and answer your question:
Environments in general require admin privilege to be created, modified or removed. Regular members won’t be allowed to do those changes even when this checkbox is enabled.

If any of these are a concern, I suggest making all users members, and creating a separate user to which admin privilege is given. That could be a group email with a shared password using a password vault, with permissions granted according to your security policy. That way you specifically need to log in with that email in order to do something dangerous.

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