Purging environment cache via Rest API (XDN 1.46.1)

In reviewing the following documentation for using the Rest API to clear cache, it states that by omitting paths from request body - cache will be purged for the respective environment. This is the documentation referenced https://developer.moovweb.com/guides/v1.46.1/rest_api.

Unfortunately cache is not purged, instead the following response is received
“error”: “No surrogate keys or paths were provided”,
“success”: false

We are currently on XDN 1.46.1. Any additional direction would be appreciated. Thanks

This issue has been resolved. You can now clear without specifying a surrogate key or path.

ishananand@Ishan-Anand ~ % curl -X POST https://moovweb.app/api/v1/clear-cache -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H "x-api-key: [REDACTED]" -d '{"team": "ishan-anand", "site": "clean2-gatsby-starter-default", "environment": "default" }'
{"success":true}%                                                               ishananand@Ishan-Anand ~ %   

The cache clear can be confirmed via the console Activity tab for your project: