Time To First Byte is very long

I updated to the latest version - 2.14.0 and I noticed that Time To First Byte is very long.

Most likely your response is not being cached. We have a helpful guide for figuring out why responses are not being cached:

To understand why a response was not cached, examine the x-xdn-caching-status response header. The possible values and remedies are described in that guide.

Thanks! I will take a look at this. For some reason the same code works fine on XDN 2.7. (The page is cached)

The reason is why my page was not cached because response header contains cache-control: private and in this case XDN return x-xdn-caching-status: private

For enabling cashing we need to add

forcePrivateCaching: true,

to our cache config as in the doc.

Thanks for helping!

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