VSF Next on the XDN installation issues

Below are the issues I faced while trying to run and deploy VSF on the XDN per https://developer.moovweb.com/guides/vsf

In composables/useUiHelpers/index.ts, remove this line:

import { FacetSearchInput } from '@vue-storefront/commercetools'

Doesn’t exist

and change this line:

const getFacetsFromURL = (): FacetSearchInput => {


const getFacetsFromURL = (): any => {

Doesn’t exist either

When running xdn init, I get the following error:

Error: Cannot find module '/Users/tevfik/workspace/vsf-test/node_modules/@xdn/vue-storefront/init'


Shouldn’t be a title. It should be set-up and inside have “in your nuxt.config.js fo these: …”

After running xdn init --xdnVersion 2.37.2-next-1609961856-44607629.0 I was able to get it to run in the production mode xdn run -p but the dev mode stil doesn’t work

thanks for this @tevfik.sertel .

Were you able to deploy VSF Next to the XDN ?

Not yet. @dijs is working on it

This is now deployable and the docs listed above should be updated soon with the steps to run and deploy

v2.38.1 has been released. This version contains the fix for VSF.

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