What are the steps to go live?

Looking for the steps from account creation to go-live, what generally needs to be done?

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Here is the initial list we have:

  1. Set up Team, Site and Environment
  2. Set up performance monitoring (e.g. speedcurve or Rigor) to measure before/after speed
  3. Establish CI Flow (GitHub Actions or other)
  4. On creating a site it is best to have at least a development and pre-prod environment , and a process defined to promote from pre-prod to prod
  5. Protect production branch
  6. Enable Caching
  7. Enable Prefetching
  8. Enable Static Prerendering
  9. Enable and Utilize Devtools for performance optimization
  10. DISABLE devtools in production environments
  11. Create a production Environment
  12. configure your custom domain(s)
  13. Upload your https (TLS / SSL) Certificate
  14. Regression test with hosts file pointing your domain to the XDN
  15. Pre launch lower DNS TTLs
  16. Update DNS
  17. Post Go live testing and monitoring=