Add New Feature Variables - ENVIRONMENTID & EDGIOIP

Could some additional “feature variables” be added?

EDGIO IP: I know that REMOTE_ADDR is part of the original HTTP request, but an upstream part of our framework overwrites REMOTE_ADDR with the “x_Forwarded-For” header and we are unable to identify the IP used by Edgio as a result. (Our previous WAF provider included the IP address from where the request originated from and then included the IP address of the WAF server that proxied the request. ie, x-forwarded-for:,

ENVIRONMENT ID: This is beneficial as it enables us verify and optionally auto-inject web core vitals. (The environment ID is required when adding the RUM javascript code to a website.) We currently have this value hard-coded on all properties, but it would be easier to manage if this variable allowed the value to simply pass through.

Thanks for the request. I looked through the variables and also don’t see any existing that would give you that information. I’ve created an internal ticket (APPFBK-79) as a feature request.

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Did this feature get added? I noticed some recent requests from a client where the x-forwarded-for: header was passed with as the first IP in the comma-delimited list of IPs.

I believe that the header value should look like X-Forwarded-For: client, proxy1, proxy2… so I’m not sure how the first remote client IP can legitimately be unless it’s a remote exploit attempt. I wouldn’t expect that this header is generated by Edgio.