Deployment failing while invoking lambda

Our deployments are failing after upgrading our app’s XDN packages from 2.13.3 to 2.33.4. Any feedback is appreciated.

> Waiting for build to be initialized...
> Package received
Build failed with error: Something went wrong while deploying, please check the logs and contact support if the problem persistsError: Something went wrong while deploying, please check the logs and contact support if the problem persists
    at DeployCommand._wrappedRun (/home/runner/work/pwa-next/pwa-next/node_modules/@xdn/cli/commands/deploy.js:301:15)
    at runMicrotasks (<anonymous>)
    at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:93:5)
    at async (/home/runner/work/pwa-next/pwa-next/node_modules/@xdn/cli/commands/deploy.js:114:9)
    at async Object.exports.handler (/home/runner/work/pwa-next/pwa-next/node_modules/@xdn/cli/commands/deploy.js:421:3)
2020-12-18T17:24:40Z - info - -----------------------
2020-12-18T17:24:40Z - info - InitializeBuild job started
2020-12-18T17:24:40Z - info - Running job 'initializeBuild' on xdn-build-lambda v2.33.4
2020-12-18T17:24:40Z - info - > Provisioning environment
2020-12-18T17:24:46Z - info - > Environment provisioned
2020-12-18T17:24:48Z - info - InitializeBuild job succeeded

2020-12-18T17:25:48Z - info - -----------------------
2020-12-18T17:25:48Z - info - DeployBuild job started
2020-12-18T17:25:48Z - info - Running job 'deployBuild' on xdn-build-lambda v2.33.4
2020-12-18T17:25:50Z - info - > Deploying Serverless functions
2020-12-18T17:26:17Z - info - > Uploading static assets
2020-12-18T17:26:18Z - info - > Cloud deployments live at:
2020-12-18T17:26:18Z - info - --> https://***
2020-12-18T17:26:18Z - info - > Deploying to environment
2020-12-18T17:26:19Z - error - DeployBuild job failed [unexpected]: Error while invoking lambda "a5c03c165d5850fbb4f6c3e6c298bcaa583915a9838224f9e361bf0389ac2d55": 
Errors occurred while attempting to deploy your application to the XDN edge.
The following route could not be processed:
* fallback: TypeError: Cannot read property 'endsWith' of undefined
    at /var/task/routes.js:2:20033
    at /var/task/routes.js:2:18580
    at Object.throw (/var/task/routes.js:2:18685)
    at a (/var/task/routes.js:2:17450)

Sorry for the issue - we are looking into it and will update here ASAP.

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This has been logged internally as XDN-7789

@jadkison could you please update your project to version 2.33.5-next-1608319923-e478ce95.0 and then deploying it again? To update run xdn use 2.33.5-next-1608319923-e478ce95.0 command in the project root.

Thanks, that fixed it on our end!

Great - thank you for confirming that. We will release a patch ASAP.

We have released v2.34.2 which includes the fix for this issue.