Dynamic route generates AWS error on server navigation

We have a set of dynamic routes that live at /wtl-thank-you/:slug. The slug is almost always dynamic, but we do have a set one that is /wtl-thank-you/guestworks-plus.

These live under the folder structure of pages/wtl-thank-you/[slug].tsx and pages/wtl-thank-you/guestworks-plus.tsx respectively.

When navigating to these pages via client side transition, everything renders as expected. However, if you directly navigate to the links like `https://www.turnkeyvr.com/wtl-thank-you/beadles we get what I believe is a not found error from AWS/S3 seen below:

We cannot reproduce this locally, only once the app is deployed to the XDN. Another interesting piece is that if you just go to the parent route (/wtl-thank-you) it renders just fine on both client/server load.

We also have other dynamic routes that are not having this problem. I have checked the log output and there doesn’t seem to be any for this page/set of pages.

Please let me know what other information I can provide!

This was due to a bug in @xdn/next. It is fixed in v2.16.0. You can upgrade by running:

$ xdn use 2.16.0

Confirmed that updating has fixed our issue. Thanks!