Increase amount of 404 errors after deployments on Edgio Sites

Hello guys

When we deploy new version of our app, we are monitoring increase amount of 404 errors.

Based on the logs all the errors are coming from the data links _next/data/qUL1OIdiyyVmbd5uTr60H with .json files.

I think the problem comes from the cache on the clients, they have the old urls cached. And after the deploy they are not changed.

When we compare this with v6, I think it was not happening that often
We didn’t do any significant changes to the service worker after migration from v6 to v7.

Luckily I think it’s not an big issue because when 404 on data .json happens. The NextJS will refresh the window loading .html which works.

We are using Next13, pages folder.

Any advice if we have anything from in our app service worker / or anything which we can improve are welcomed.

Hey Petr,

I don’t believe you have anything configured incorrectly in your app. I have noticed this as well in v7 and the issue seems to resolve itself after some time. One thing I noticed is if you inspect the X-Ec-Cache-Key response header, the 404s have a key that contain the previous build ID. After some time when they are 200s, you should see the header contain the latest build ID. I think this may be a propagation issue and I have filed a ticket for our team to investigate this. EAPPS-594

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