Layer0 Unknown Project on V7

Hello guys

I just migrated my project to v7 from v6. It’s NextJS 13 app.
Everything works quite well. The upgrade guide was great.

However after deploy we are experiencing a lot of these errors (535) on various pages on our site

Any advice how can we avoid this error? It would be really bad to have this in production.

I am deploying the site like this:

npx edgio deploy --skip-build --property=coh3-stats --organization=coh-stats --environment=$EDGIO_ENV --token $DEPLOY_TOKEN --branch=$BRANCH_NAME

Edgio v 7.2.5

I am also getting random 403 errors in “static files” from public folder. Some works, some doesn’t work.
After a moment they load.

It’s fairly random. :melting_face:


Are you still seeing this issue related to 403s? I too had noticed this occasionally in earlier versions. I believe may have been related to cache purge propagation which has since had improvements, but curious to know if the issue is still lingering.

I don’t know if the 403s and host header issues are related, but want to ensure there are eyes on this problem if it is continuing.


I think it’s no longer happening, don’t see anything in my latest logs with several deployments.

However today I encountered very annoying 404 on newly deployed static assets (public folder) in NextJS app. It took ~10 minutes after deploy for them to be available. On permalinks it worked immediately.

But that is different issue.