Routing on localhost vs Edgio

When developing locally using “edgio dev”, my root at localhost:3000 shows the intended index page content. When deploying to Edgio, the root at all my Edgio URLs do not work correctly; I get an “Access Denied” error in an XML response. If I add /index to the Edgio URLs, it works fine.

I’m new to NextJS and Edgio, so not sure if this is a routing issue within NextJS or something I need to configure on Edgio.


Are you able to share your repo so I can see how the Next app is structured? Usually 403 means the static file being referenced doesn’t exist on S3. I believe I found your builds and it does look like you are using SSG so there may be a problem with the file uploads or something with how the routes are defined.

It looks like you are on v7.2.2. Perhaps try downgrading to see if there’s a difference which could identify a bug.

edgio use 7.1.x
edgio use 7.0.x

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