Edge Architecture Questions

  1. Is L1 Edge Cache and L2 Shield cache both selected from Edge PoPs? Or do they have different list of PoPs?
  2. How is L1 Edge Cache allocated from end-user request?
  3. Assuming there is more than one L2 Shield cache, what rule is it used to choose which location to use? Also between L1 and L2, is it private network or goes through internet?
  4. Are there feature to consolidate multiple request from end user? For example Black Friday landing page(static) may get millions of same request at shop open. Can Layer0 consolidate these request to one(or few) to the origin? Some sites are aware of site down happening when “multiple users’ refresh happens at same time”.
  1. Shield and Edge POPs pull from the same pool of POPs. A POP that is Edge for one site, could be the shield for a different site.
  2. Please clarify the question
  3. There is only a single L2 POP for a site and you can issue a support ticket to our team to change its location if you’re on the enterprise plan. L1 to L2 can go through the private network but may not always.
  4. Yes this automatically happens for cacheable requests.