Extract value of x-0-geo-country-code for country detection

for our country detection, I am trying to see if I can extract the value of x-0-geo-country-code to a variable, but I’m not having any luck

This works

.match({ path: '/', headers: {'x-0-geo-country-code': /US/i} }, ({redirect}) => { return redirect('/countries/us', { statusCode: 301 }) } )

But I was hoping to be able to do something more generic, like this:

.match({ path: '/', headers: {'x-0-geo-country-code': /:country/} }, ({redirect}) => { return redirect('/countries/:country', { statusCode: 301 }) } )

or even just refer to`x-0-geo-country-code directly in the redirect

i.e. something like this

.match({ path: '/', headers: {'x-0-geo-country-code': /^!(US|UM|VI|PR|AS|GU|MP)/i} }, ({redirect}) => { return redirect('/countries/${x-0-geo-country-code}', { statusCode: 301 }) } )

what I’m trying to achieve is…

If country is anything other than US/US territories, then redirect to /countries/

try ${req:x-0-geo-country-code} in the redirect

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