Get IP Range blocks via API


For my company, we’re trying to look if a domain points to IP blocks (instead of our own IP), so that we can trust the forwarded headers.

However, I’m lost as to how to get the IP Range dynamically.
I’m not a user of edgio (my customers are), so it may be something simple that i missed.

I see that there’s this API : Get CDN IP Blocks , but it requires authentication. (I do see however in the example response the block the customer is using, I just want to fetch it dynamically.)

And to get authentication, it states

Please contact your MCC administrator to request access to our REST API service. Upon approval, you will be allowed to generate and view tokens.

Do I need to have an adminstrator to simply get the IP blocks available from Edgio, or is there another way?



Are your customers using the Edgio platform or Edgecast? For Edgio, there is not an API for the IP blocks. That information will have to be obtained from the properties of the individual customers as the IP blocks may differ. Instructions in this article on where to find that information.

For Edgecast, if one of your customers uses MCC, then they would have an admin user that would be able to grant you API access to fetch that information.