HTTPS on frontend not able to talk to origin


For some reason, I am unable to let Edgio talk to my origin when I acess the Edgio site using HTTPS and HTTP on my backend, and I’m not sure how to setup HTTPS on the origin using the certificate that Edgio generated for me.

I would prefer to run the origin with http:80, but if that’s not possible to do while serving the site with edgio frontend https:443, that’s fine.

I am using the Edgio applications v7+ panel with a site that’s in production.
I was able to generate an SSL certificate with Edgio, but whenever I access the site with HTTPS, it shows 404 error.

My origin is an ip with HTTP:80

How should I configure my origin so that I can serve HTTPS traffic from Edgio?


Edit: also, how much can I expect to pay for traffic if I start delivering a lot of stuff, maybe in the terabytes? And then am I required to serve my site using a CNAME, or can I just manually insert an A record for the IP that the Edgio gave to the provided CNAME?