LL choosing int'l pop for peacock

I noticed a occasional poor picture quality when streaming Peacock, ESPN, and others. I have Fios and am generally used to nothing but excellent video quality. Troubleshooting revealed the issue seems to be related to LL picking a POP location in Portugal. Not always, just sometimes, same for Chrome on Desktop and my Apple TV for example. Here’s a screenshot showing SNI names, CDN addresses, and src/dst country with intl traffic in Red, sanitized for privacy. This has been going since at least the Champions League final when I noticed this first.

This can’t be right and it seems LL specific.

Just Check Network Settings and ensure your DNS settings are correctly configured. You can try switching to a different DNS provider like Google DNS (, or Cloudflare DNS ( And then restart your router and modem to refresh the network connection.

I thought it unlikely at first, because it happens with different products all using ll and hitting the Portuguese POP, but, yes, it looks like neither google nor cloudflare have this issue. Thank you.