Maximum number of redirects through the console?

Is there a maximum to the limit of redirects we can upload in the console, or some global limit of routes we can have defined?

Hi Patrick,

There are indeed limits but whether you hit them or not will depend on your usage. If your redirects are short (/a/b) then each occupies a small amount of space in the edge environment and you can fit many of them. If your redirects are long (/a/longer/path/redirect'/going/to/another/much/much/longer/path) then you can fit less of them. We don’t make explicit guarantees on the amount of data that your redirects can use but they should count on at least 1Mb of data so if on average they are 100 bytes, you could set 10,000 redirects.

Regarding routes, the limit there will once again depend on particulars of your use and the complexity of the routing (e.g. number of conditions per route, length of the matching conditions like regexes, etc). We cannot guarantee a number because after all you could write a single route router that would go above the limit. But we roughly estimate that each router can reasonably define at least 1,000 routes.

I hope that helps. If your are experiencing any problems around either of these cases please don’t hesitate to reach to us.