TLS certificate generation failed

Good day!

I’ve got a problem with TLS certificates generation. It was working great for a couple of months. Now it fails with the following error:

Found a conflicting '_acme-challenge' TXT entry on one of your domains, in addition to the CNAME entry. Please remove it.

“Retry” and “Generate TLS Certificate” buttons don’t help - generation still fails.
I’ve double checked by entries in NameCheap multiple times - I’m 100% sure there is no TXT entry at all for the given domain.

Not sure how to proceed. Any ideas?
Just in case - I want to emphasize - it has been working great for a couple of months. From time to time I added/updated custom subdomains.

Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention. We were able to identify an issue on our end that was preventing the DNS entry from being updated. We’ve since resolved the issue and generated your certificate for you.

Please let us know if you see anything else.

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Fantastic! Works for me now :raised_hands:

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