What are commands to build a starter app?

The XDN Starter Guide , Moovweb XDN Documentation - XDN Starter says to use only xdn run --cache and xdn deploy --team=[team-name].

Does this build your app or are other npm commands needed?

By default, xdn deploy runs xdn build in it. So no additional commands required.

In case it’s needed to separate them the following command sequence can be used:

  1. xdn build (creates .xdn folder in the root of the project with build files)
  2. xdn deploy --skip-build

We’ve streamlined this process with the release of the @xdn/starter connector. As of today, all new XDN starter apps will only require the xdn deploy command to build and deploy your app to production.

To update an existing app to use @xdn/starter, run:

npm i --save-dev @xdn/starter

then, add the following to your xdn.config.js:

  connector: '@xdn/starter'

You can then run your app in development using:

xdn dev

Or deploy your app to production using:

xdn deploy