Xdn deploy error => TypeError: prompts is not a function

I am logged in yet I get a message saying I’m not. Also, I get this error…

% xdn deploy
🔑 You are not logged in on https://moovweb.app

TypeError: prompts is not a function
    at authenticatePrompt (/Users/path/to/project/node_modules/@xdn/cli/prompts/authenticate.js:16:13)
    at authenticate (/Users/path/to/project/node_modules/@xdn/cli/prompts/authenticate.js:50:16)
    at async DeployCommand._wrappedRun (/Users/path/to/project/node_modules/@xdn/cli/commands/deploy.js:143:7)
    at async DeployCommand.run (/Users/path/to/project/node_modules/@xdn/cli/commands/deploy.js:116:9)
    at async Object.exports.handler (/Users/path/to/project/node_modules/@xdn/cli/commands/deploy.js:439:3)

Looks like you found a bug! We are tracking it internally as XDN-8749. Should be fixed in a day or so. In the meantime you can work around it by running xdn login before deploying or deploying using a deploy token.

This has been fixed in @xdn/cli version 2.44.2.

XDN-8743 is also related to this.