XDN Starter main.js 404s

https://howie-ross-main-404-test-default.moovweb-edge.io/main.js 404’s

This project was created using npm create xdn-app@latest
Default Starter template
hostname is www.moovweb.com
node -v v12.18.3

I can reproduce this across multiple sites.

This is also reproducible locally.

local output:

MOOVWEB XDN ready on

XDN info - pass /main.js (code)

things I have tried:

  • xdn 2.39 and 2.40
  • remove and reinstall global node packages (easier said than done)
  • redeploying
  • Have other team members deploy: resolves the issue

repo: GitHub - howdiz/main-404-test

npm create xdn-app@latest lacks the route for main.js

add the following to routes.js resolves this:

.match('/main.js', ({ serveStatic, cache }) => {
    return serveStatic('dist/browser.js')

This will be fixed in an upcoming release of the XDN Starter Template