XDN Starter - getting a 404 on main.js after launch

On XDN starter we are getting a 404 accessing main.js after launching. What could cause this? Here is our routes.ts

import { Router } from '@xdn/core/router'
import { CACHE_ASSETS } from './cache'
import shoppingFlowRouteHandler from './shoppingFlowRouteHandler'
import noCacheRouteHandler from './noCacheRouteHandler'
export default new Router()
  .match('/service-worker.js', ({ serviceWorker }) => serviceWorker('dist/service-worker.js'))
  .match('/admin/:path*', noCacheRouteHandler)
  .match('/:path*', shoppingFlowRouteHandler)
  .match('/main.js', ({ serveStatic, cache }) => {
    return serveStatic('dist/browser.js')
  .fallback(({ proxy }) => {
    return proxy('origin')

The match for .match('/:path*', shoppingFlowRouteHandler) is above the match for main.js and that route will capture that traffic. You need to move main.js above /:path* so that rule is executed.