Backend connection pooling

I am currently using Edgio with a single origin server. Whenever an uncached object is requested, each unique URL path requested from the client appears to open an entirely new connection to my backend server.

Is there any way I can reduce the connection pool size, even if it’s just for a single PoP?

If not, is there a resource that explains this behavior and its limitations like the max connections per backend per PoP etc.?


@trent27on, while we do have connection pooling, this is certainly due to the number of unique URLs. If you have a large number of unique URLs, the requests will get rotated through the servers and end up being a new connection to your origin. If the URL isn’t 100% unique and is requested enough, it will eventually hit a server that handled the request previously and reuse the connection.

At this time, we don’t have any public documentation on our connection pooling settings that I could refer you to.