I noticed in egd.io v7 every page changing click and form submited is tracked and sent to facebook.com


I noticed in egd.io v7 every page chaning click and form submited is tracked and sent to facebook.com

This probably due to tracking code put into edg.io provided by facebook that I think is unnecessary, especially considering this is an enterprise security service.

Please remove it if possible.
I think there are other 3rd party tracking links that it maybe appropriate to remove.

Thank you.

You are correct, those requests come from the analytics within the application to help us track usage and errors. I’d suggest using a browser and/or extension to block those requests if you wish to not participate.

I’ve used my Windows hosts file and uMatrix browser extension to block requests to untrusted/tracking 3rd party hosts (ie, AI & advertisers like Facebook & Google), but have found that some web applications are broken if they are blocked. If not broken, multiple background requests are often repeatedly reattempted and cause performance problems.

How many 3rd party hosts can we block before the Edgio app stops working? Can you provide a list of safe 3rd party hostnames that users can optionally block themselves or should we determine that by playing whack-a-mole? (I don’t mind playing whack-a-mole and reporting my findings.)

You should be able to block all of those third-party requests w/o affecting the site. I had just tested it and haven’t seen anything negative.