Suggestions for fixing Edge Insights UI problems for edgio v7

Hello, noticed two Edge Insights UI problems for edgio v7

First of all Happy New Year.

Here are the two problems and hopefully they are fixed in the new year!

First Issue:
In the logs per page as below, there is no way to skip pages to say page 500 or 2000, you must click several hundred times to do so.

Add a UI element where you can put the page number you wish to skip too.

Second Issue:
Each time you click on anything in the Date picker, it is updated, and then the whole UI does a refresh reloading logs making it cumbersome for the user and also causing probably lots of unnecessary Edge Insights server load, since each click makes a reload and analysis of logs while the range will often be very large during such changes even if the user only want to finally just see one minute of logs.

For example, to change the date, hour, and minute, you have to reload and change the date, hour, minute each one at a time which takes a long time and also probably causing lots of edgio server load.

After user selects all date changes, then have the user press something like “Apply” button to apply them.

Thanks again for this feedback. I have passed it along to our team for consideration.