Security Dashboard "Export to JSON"

I noticed that some tables with the Edgio dashboards provide the ability to export via JSON via a button “{}” (like Edge Insights), but this feature is not available on the Security Dashboard.

I’d like to be able to download the Security Dashboard results that are in the table so that I can re-render it in a more meanful way.

I’ve also noticed that the JSON data is opened using the “blob” protocol. As a result, I’m unable to press CTRL-S to easily save the data… my browser requires to select it all, copy and then manually paste into another program. Is there any way to trigger a file save for this data? (I know it’s possible, but I’m wondering if it’s a feature that could be added.) Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback. I have created an internal feature request ticket to improve upon obtaining this data in both the Security Dashboard and Edge Insights.

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ok, thanks. As of right now, I manually click 3 separate UI elements in order to expand the sub-event and view the rule details that caused it to be triggered. If I’m opening an entry, I’d prefer to instantly see all details rather than physically click-scan-move-click-scan-move-click to. I do like that the data is dispalyed inline & hierarchal rather than a separate modal/pop-up.