Add Support for IP Address Lookup

Has there been any consideration to adding support for a clickable button to access external third-party IP address lookups?

When viewing the security dashboard, I’ve got the ability to copy the “Client IP” by clicking a button. After I have that information, I often find myself performing a third-party lookup using services like ip-api so that I can learn more about the IP (ie, city, isp, as, mobile/proxy/hosting, etc).

I’m asking because this is a feature that I have in our internal security tools and it makes it easy to access more detailed information with just a simple click. Here are some examples of third-party services for lookups:

NOTE: I’d consider injecting some client-side javascript into the dashboard page, but I see that Edgio uses CSP and I also don’t want to complicate anything. (The HTML output is also pretty generic.)

Thank you for the suggestion. I agree that an integrated lookup tool would be beneficial to have in the dashboard and I have created a feature request ticket for this.