Can not build with Edgio V7 and Astro

I used Astro and Edgio v7 to build, but when building, there was an error saying Invalid URL. My directory structure, edgio config file and error:

Have you tried building the Astro app w/o using Edgio? This looks like an Astro build erro and npx astro build should be able to reproduce it. If you look at the build error screenshot, the input reference to file://C:*** looks invalid. Perhaps a configuration issue in your astro.config.mjs file?

Hello @Leo,
There’s probably nothing wrong with your setup.
I was able to reproduce this issue, and it looks like it’s a bug in our @edgio/astro or @edgio/connectors package that is occurring only on Windows systems.

The Edgio Sites team registered this bug under the EDGSITES-652 ID with high priority
and will try to fix it within the next few days.

Thank you for reporting it.

Thanks, but i thinks my config is right. I Use linux to deploy with this config and success

Thanks, Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon