Can you retry failed static prerender requests?

After a deploy, I have noticed some static prerendering calls have failed with a 534 status code. Only way I could seem to correct this was to re-deploy. Could it be made possible to manually retry the failed ones?

Hmm… interesting suggestion. I wonder why they are failing. Can you share a link to the deployment?

This one failed:

So I did a re-deploy with no changes and then it was successful:

I am still getting periodic prerender failures. Here’s another build:

After triggering the build again it appears to be successful:

After looking into it, we determined that this is a known issue that may happen when upgrading from pre-2.31 version (2.30.2 in this case) to post-2.31 version (2.32.2). If it happens, it is only during a brief moment of deployments going out to global POPs - not afterwards. And it won’t happen going forward - you can already see that in your subsequent deployments (81 and beyond).