Next Static Reactions Demo fails to regenerate

My fork of the Static Reactions Demo referenced in the nextJS docs on Incremental Static Regeneration fails to regenerate.

My fork has been updated for compatibility with the XDN.

To reproduce

  1. Go to ,
  2. React to
  3. Reload

Expected Behaviour: Reaction count is updated with counts on the issue:
What happens instead: Reactions counts remain the same as when the app was deployed

other issues that may or may not be related:

  1. responds with
    Message>Access Denied
    RequestId>2D6E9E0047006DD6 HostId>Yu0EqdbVzlZmkZw7Kb6KNp5o3i2Qww8ft/W16ffDWhNb0fowo80TqBJ1nFMP7zi63VVi6KelYNo=
  2. XDN Devtools reports “THE SERVICE WORKER IS NOT RESPONDING” on a first load in chrome incognito. Chrome Dev Tools shows a SW and related console output:

The example you forked uses unstable_revalidate which we do not support. You should upgrade your Next version and replace unstable_revalidate with revalidate. Let us know if this fixes the issue.

Per our offline conversation, I think there are other issues at play here. We are looking into the issue.

I do not see unstable_revalidate in my code.

I have redeployed with Next 9.5.5.

Issues persist.

We are working on a patch and expect to release it during the day. Thank you for reporting the issue.

We have released version 2.32.2 which has the fix for this issue. Please let us know how it works for you.

Yes, ISG is now working for me and the Perma URL is as well. Thank you @ierceg!